Alexander Chismer 'Toys' is the personal assistant to Sebastian Gault. He accompanies Gault on all of his business, both legal and immoral.

Appearance and Character Edit

Toys is a short, slim, and elegant young man. He works with no weight of morality and is only loyal to money, and Sebastian Gault. Although he is sexually omnivorous, he doesn't see Gault in that way, but attracted to his power and genius. Toys is a business professional, delicately handsome, and always looks cool and groomed even in the most off-putting situations.

History Edit

Toys is from Purfleet, England. He is the assistant and valet to Sebastian Gault and follows and supports him wherever he goes. He is the only one on earth Gault trusts.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

Toys has accompanied Sebastian Gault throughout all of his dealings with El Mujahid and Amirah. He traveled with him to Afghanistan and has a deep contempt for El Mujahid and hates Amirah. Toys tries to keep Gault focused on his goals, and away from the succubus Amirah who Toys doesn't trust for an instant. 
When they confirmed their dangerous partners have been betraying them, Gault and Toys head to kill Amirah and blow up the bunker. They barely escape with their lives, badly burned, but floating away together on a rescue ship.